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Oseco's transportation/railcar rupture discs are designed to protect over-the-road and railroad tank cars from over-pressure events.

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Oseco CRC Railcar Disc Oseco HP-RC Railcar Disc Oseco HCL-RC Rupture Disc
A metal disc rated at 165 psig with a 3.125" outside diameter, the Composite Rail Car (CRC) fits the standard threaded or bolted railroad tank car safety vent. Should vacuum occur during unloading or while the car is in transit, the stainless steel vacuum support protects the seal. The 3.18" O.D. Oseco HP-RC railcar rupture disc's Ryton construction is excellent for corrosive applications. The durability of the Ryton also makes the disc resistant to premature bursting due to humping caused by coupling of railcars. Each disc includes liners and gaskets for the inlet and outlet sides making it suitable for hydrochloric acid service. The HP-RC is rated to burst at 165 psig.
The Oseco HCL-RC or Hydrochloric Acid Railcar Disc is typically used in rubber lined railroad tank cars. As it's name suggests, it is an excellent choice for use in highly corrosive environments. The HCL-RC has an O.D. of 4.75" and Includes 2 teflon liners and 2 teflon gaskets. The HCL-RC is designed to burst at 165 psig.
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